Unraid Release Thread

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    Diesmal: 6.8.2

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    Version 6.8.2 2020-01-26 Changes vs. 6.8.1
    Base distro:

    • fuse3: version 3.9.0
    • php: version 7.3.14 (CVE-2020-7060, CVE-2020-7059)
    • rpcbind: version 1.2.5 (rebuilt with --enable-rmtcalls option)
    • ttyd: version 20200120
    • wireguard-tools: version 1.0.20200121

    Linux kernel:

    • version 4.19.98 (CVE-2019-14615)
    • CONFIG_ENIC: Cisco VIC Ethernet NIC Support
    • removed: CONFIG_IGB: Intel(R) 82575/82576 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support
    • removed: CONFIG_IGBVF: Intel(R) 82576 Virtual Function Ethernet support
    • kernel-firmware: version 20200122_1eb2408
    • oot: Intel igb: version
    • oot: wireguard: version 0.0.20200121


    • rc.docker: include missing changes to suppoort new setting "Host access to custom networks"
    • rc.nginx: support custom wildcard SSL certs
    • webgui: User password: hide base64 conversion
    • webgui: Select username field when login page is loaded
    • webgui: login: autocapitalize="none"
    • webgui: Passphrase printable charcaters only
    • webgui: Encryption: enforced keyfile selection/deletion when file exists
    • webgui: Use php json_encode to properly encode notifications
    • webgui: Changed Delete keyfile button placement
    • webgui: Detect missing key when keyfile is deleted
    • webgui: Add Network:VPN as an application category
    • webgui: further hardening in auth_request.php
    • webgui: Style adjustment: buttons min-width
    • webgui: login page favicon now matches the green/yellow/red icon from the other webgui pages
    • webgui: VM Manager: add 'virtio-win-0.1.173-2' to VirtIO-ISOs list
    • webgui: Add Network:VPN as an application category
    • webgui: Network settings: updated help text
    • webgui: Fix link for Password Recovery on login screen

    Unraid 6.8.2 updates include:

    • The Intel IGB ethernet driver was replaced with the latest out-of-tree driver.
    • A LibreELEC/Kodi issue where NFS shares could not be browsed was fixed. The fix was to rebuild the rpcbind program, including a new option: enable-rmtcalls.
    • Fixed an encryption issue: if you first tried the 'keyfile' method to specify an encryption key, and that fails, any attempt to enter a passphrase would also fail. Since a keyfile still exists, emhttpd used this as the encryption key. This is fixed in the webGUI by detecting presence of an encryption keyfile and offering only to re-download a new keyfile or delete the current one. Once deleted, you can then enter a passphrase.
    • Small change to properly support custom SSL wildcard certs.
    • Updated kernel, wireguard, other base packages.
    • Numerous webGUI fixes and refinements.

    Guides nicht mehr verfügbar wegen Youtube unvermögen guten von schlechten Kodi Videos zu unterscheiden.

  • 6.8.3 ist da


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    Version 6.8.3 2020-03-05 Changes vs. 6.8.2
    Base distro:

    • btrfs-progs: version 5.4.1
    • cryptsetup: version 2.3.0
    • mozilla-firefox: version 73.0.1 (CVE-2020-6796, CVE-2020-6797, CVE-2020-6798, CVE-2020-6799, CVE-2020-6800, CVE-2020-6801)
    • libarchive: version 3.4.2
    • libwebsockets: version 3.2.2
    • smartmontools: version 7.1
    • ttyd: version 20200211
    • wireguard-tools: version 1.0.20200206 (build 2)
    • xfsprogs: version 5.4.0

    Linux kernel:

    • version 4.19.108 (CVE-2020-2732)
    • kernel-firmware: version 20200207_6f89735
    • oot: wireguard: version 0.0.20200215


    • rc.docker: Allow host access to containers on IPv6 subnets other then /64
    • rc.inet1: add delay to allow bond initialization
    • smb: add case-sensitiviy config setting per share
    • webgui: removed obsolete 'Notify My Android' notification agent
    • webgui: Docker settings: updated help text
    • webgui: Added "Reboot Now" in banner when OS upgrade is available
    • webgui: dockerMan: Add Security as a category
    • webgui: Docker: added container vpn network support:
      - allow extra parameters using --net= to overrule default network assignment
      - add vpn containers are referenced by name in network assignment
      - add update containers reference when vpn container is updated
    • webgui: Updated: animated spinner logic
    • webgui: Fixed VM settings: allow to stop service when no hardware support
    • webgui: Fixed plugin manager - show correct version for "next" branch
    • webgui: remove 'nl-be' from VM keyboard types
    • webgui: Dont force single threaded VMs for AMD
    • webgui: VMs: enable cpu cache passthrough; AMD + multithreaded
    • webgui: Other miscellaneous updates and css style corrections
    • webgui: Array button renaming
    • webgui: Docker: curl connection time to 15s
    • webgui: Fixed cloning of share attributes
    • webgui: Updated VMs table styling
    • webgui: Updated icon fonts
    • webgui: dockerMan: Add Security as a category
    • webgui: Block referrals to 3rd Party Sites
    • webgui: Fix: /mnt/user path transpose for VM disks
    • webgui: Preserve Reboot Required Notifications across pages
    • webgui: dockerMan: Preserve \n on overview in basic mode
    • webgui: diagnostics: Remove plain-text VNC password
    • webgui: Device Info: added automatic status updating
    • webgui: Added BTRFS balance mode dropdown options
    • webgui: Disallow characters incompatible with FAT32 in share names
    • webgui: Support dropbox/zxcvbn password stregth meter (requires plugin)
    • webgiu: dockerMan: Security enhancements
    • webgui: Notifications: Add switch to not send a browser notification:
      - Will be utilized by CA to send a notification, but not have the notification appear on the browser but rather as a banner warning
  • unRaid 6.9.1 ist verfügbar.


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    Unraid OS 6.9.1

    Bug fixes and minor improvements.
    Notable Bug Fixes and Improvements
    Fixed issue where code outside the Unraid OS Management Utility calling smartctl would set up conditions where devices would never spin down. Note: you still need @doron's SAS Spindown plugin to properly support SAS device spindown.
    For Docker: if an in-tree GPU driver is loaded which results in creating /dev/dri/* device nodes, we set permissions for these nodes to 0777 in order to ease integration of containers using GPU for transcoding.
    Typing 'exit' in a Terminal window will now close the window (yay!).
    We added a 'no-cache' header to NoVNC web access so that future Unraid OS releases will no longer have stale web components.
    Updated the openssl package to version 1.1.1j which has security updates.
    Updated the Linux kernel to 5.10.21, a patch release to 5.10 LTS kernel.
    Included kernel config settings necessary to include certain hardware monitoring devices and added support for new devices.
    Driver Updates
    The Nvidia GPU driver has been updated to 460.56 and should work with this kernel 5.10.21. Please install @ich777's Nvida-Driver plugin to download and install this driver.
    Change Log
    ### Version 6.9.1 2021-03-08
    Base distro:
    - openssl: version 1.1.1j (CVE-2021-23841 CVE-2021-23840)
    - openssl-solibs: version 1.1.1j
    - ttyd: version 1.6.3
    Linux kernel:
    - version 5.10.21
    - CONFIG_WATCHDOG: Watchdog Timer Support
    - added several new hwmon drivers
    - emhttp: monitor partition statistics instead of device statistics in spindown/spinup logic
    - rc.local: ensure required directories exist on USB flash boot device
    - rc.local: for Docker containers: grant access to graphics device nodes /dev/dri/*
    - rc.nginx: add Cache-Control:nocache header to novnc
    - webgui: Increase syslog buffer from 1000 to 3000 lines
    - webgui: SysDevs fix display aberration
    - webgui: Diagnostics: include modprobe.d files
    - webgui: Diagnostics: include go as go.txt
    - webgui: Update share security helptext
    - webgui: Deprecate donation links in templates in lieu of links in CA profiles
    - webgui: Protect GUI from invalid .page files
    - webgui: Suppress ipv6 multicast entries in route table display
    - webgui: synchronize helptext.txt with lang-en_US repo
    - webgui: user management - disable password autocomplete
    - webgui: Dashboard: Fix color for utilization of disks

  • unRaid 6.9.2 ist verfügbar



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    Failed Login Restrictions
    For webGUI login you now get 3 login attempts per IP address before a 15-minute cool off is enforced. Further, the timestamp of the last three failed login attempts per IP address are stored in files located in /var/[definition='1','0']log[/definition]/pwfail/<ip-address>. Note this only applies to webGUI login, not ssh or telnet.
    Driver Updates
    We updated the Nvidia vendor GPU driver to version 465.19.01. Use this handy plugin by Community Developer @ich777 to facilitate installing the correct driver.
    Version 6.9.2 2021-04-07
    Base distro:

    • docker: version 20.10.5
    • fuse3: version 3.10.2
    • nginx: version 1.19.9
    • samba: verson 4.12.14 (CVE-2020-27840 CVE-2020-27840)

    Linux kernel:

    • version 5.10.28
    • include all CONFIG_NF_* modules
    • oot: realtek r8125: version 9.005.01


    • emhttpd: detect out-of-band device spin-up
    • shfs: add 'copy_file_range()' support
    • shfs: fix 'mknod' creating a fifo
    • webgui: login: implement max 3 failed login attempts per 15 minute interval
    • webgui: Fix links on notifications not being present if in summary display
    • webgui: Plugins: Move incompatible plugins to ../plugins-error
    • webgui: Fix missing CSRF when deleting pool
    • webgui: Fix .sweet-alert color
    • webgui: Translations adjustments
    • webgui: Diagnostics: Prevent double clicks on download button
    • webgui: Fix default usage thresholds not sending notification
    • webgui: Fix CSS span.select background-color
    • webgui: Make diagnostics messages left aligned
    • webgui: Fixed javascript error in DeviceInfo.page preventing settings to be saved
    • webgui: Update DeviceInfo.page
    • webgui: Prevent autofilling of passwords on containers
    • webgui: Docker: Do not allow CPU pinning if no template present
    • webgui: Fix .sweet-alert .sa-icon color, * in the CSS
  • https://unraid.net/blog/6-10-stable


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    Version 6.10.0 2022-05-17
    Consolidated Change Log
    Base distro:

    • aaa_base: version 15.0
    • aaa_glibc-solibs: version 2.33
    • aaa_libraries: version 15.0
    • acl: version 2.3.1
    • acpid: version 2.0.33
    • apcupsd: version 3.14.14
    • at: version 3.2.3
    • attr: version 2.5.1
    • avahi: version 0.8
    • bash: version 5.1.016
    • beep: version 1.3
    • bin: version 11.1
    • bind: version 9.16.27
    • bluez-firmware: version 1.2
    • bridge-utils: version 1.7.1
    • brotli: version 1.0.9
    • btrfs-progs: version 5.16
    • bzip2: version 1.0.8
    • ca-certificates: version 20220403
    • celt051: version
    • cifs-utils: version 6.14
    • coreutils: version 9.0
    • cpio: version 2.13
    • cpufrequtils: version 008
    • cracklib: version 2.9.7
    • cryptsetup: version 2.4.3
    • curl: version 7.83.1 (CVE-2022-22576 CVE-2022-27774 CVE-2022-27775 CVE-2022-27776 CVE-2022-27778 CVE-2022-27779 CVE-2022-27780 CVE-2022-27781 CVE-2022-27782 CVE-2022-30115)
    • cyrus-sasl: version 2.1.27
    • db48: version 4.8.30
    • dbus: version 1.12.20
    • dcron: version 4.5
    • devs: version 2.3.1
    • dhcpcd: version 9.4.1
    • diffutils: version 3.8
    • dmidecode: version 3.3
    • dnsmasq: version 2.86
    • docker: version 20.10.14 (CVE-2022-24769)
    • dosfstools: version 4.2
    • e2fsprogs: version 1.46.5
    • ebtables: version 2.0.11
    • eject: version 2.1.5
    • elogind: version 246.10
    • elvis: version 2.2_0
    • etc: version 15.0
    • ethtool: version 5.16
    • eudev: version 3.2.11
    • file: version 5.41
    • findutils: version 4.8.0
    • flex: version 2.6.4
    • floppy: version 5.5
    • fuse3: version 3.10.5
    • gawk: version 5.1.1
    • gdbm: version 1.22
    • genpower: version 1.0.5
    • getty-ps: version 2.1.0b
    • git: version 2.35.3 (CVE-2022-24765)
    • glib2: version 2.70.3
    • glibc: version 2.33
    • glibc-zoneinfo: version 2022a
    • gmp: version 6.2.1
    • gnutls: version 3.7.2
    • gptfdisk: version 1.0.8
    • grep: version 3.7
    • gzip: version 1.12 (CVE-2022-1271)
    • hdparm: version 9.63
    • hostname: version 3.23
    • htop: version 3.1.2
    • icu4c: version 69.1
    • inetd: version 1.79s
    • infozip: version 6.0
    • inih: version 53
    • inotify-tools: version
    • iproute2: version 5.16.0
    • iptables: version 1.8.7
    • iputils: version 20211215
    • irqbalance: version 1.7.0
    • jansson: version 2.14
    • jemalloc: version 5.2.1
    • jq: version 1.6
    • json-c: version 0.15_20200726
    • json-glib: version 1.6.6
    • kbd: version 1.15.3
    • keyutils: version 1.6.3
    • kmod: version 29
    • krb5: version 1.19.2
    • lbzip2: version 2.5
    • less: version 590
    • libaio: version 0.3.112
    • libarchive: version 3.6.1
    • libcap-ng: version 0.8.2
    • libcgroup: version 0.41
    • libdaemon: version 0.14
    • libdrm: version 2.4.109
    • libedit: version 20210910_3.1
    • libepoxy: version 1.5.9
    • libestr: version 0.1.9
    • libevent: version 2.1.12
    • libfastjson: version 0.99.9
    • libffi: version 3.3
    • libgcrypt: version 1.9.4
    • libgpg-error: version 1.44
    • libgudev: version 237
    • libidn: version 1.38
    • libjpeg-turbo: version 2.1.2
    • liblogging: version 1.0.6
    • libmnl: version 1.0.4
    • libnetfilter_conntrack: version 1.0.8
    • libnfnetlink: version 1.0.1
    • libnftnl: version 1.2.1
    • libnl3: version 3.5.0
    • libpcap: version 1.10.1
    • libpciaccess: version 0.16
    • libpng: version 1.6.37
    • libpsl: version 0.21.1
    • libseccomp: version 2.5.1
    • libssh: version 0.9.6
    • libssh2: version 1.10.0
    • libtasn1: version 4.18.0
    • libtirpc: version 1.3.2
    • libtpms: version 0.9.0
    • libunistring: version 0.9.10
    • libunwind: version 1.6.2
    • libusb: version 1.0.24
    • libusb-compat: version 0.1.7
    • libuv: version 1.41.0
    • libvirt: version 8.2.0
    • libvirt-php: version 0.5.6a
    • libwebp: version 1.2.2
    • libwebsockets: version 4.2.0
    • libx86: version 1.1
    • libxml2: version 2.9.14 (CVE-2022-29824)
    • libxslt: version 1.1.35
    • libzip: version 1.8.0
    • lm_sensors: version 3.6.0
    • lmdb: version 0.9.29
    • logrotate: version 3.18.1
    • lshw: version B.02.19.2
    • lsof: version 4.94.0
    • lsscsi: version 0.32
    • lvm2: version 2.03.13
    • lz4: version 1.9.3
    • lzip: version 1.22
    • lzo: version 2.10
    • mc: version 4.8.27
    • mcelog: version 180
    • miniupnpc: version 2.1
    • mpfr: version 4.1.0
    • nano: version 6.0
    • ncompress: version 5.0
    • ncurses: version 6.3
    • net-tools: version 20181103_0eebece
    • nettle: version 3.7.3
    • network-scripts: version 15.0
    • nfs-utils: version 2.5.4
    • nghttp2: version 1.46.0
    • nginx: version 1.21.6
    • nss-mdns: version 0.14.1
    • ntfs-3g: version 2021.8.22
    • ntp: version 4.2.8p15
    • numactl: version 2.0.13
    • oniguruma: version
    • openssh: version 8.8p1
    • openssl: version 1.1.1o (CVE-2022-1292)
    • openssl-solibs: version 1.1.1o (CVE-2022-1292)
    • p11-kit: version 0.24.1
    • pam: version 1.5.2
    • patch: version 2.7.6
    • pciutils: version 3.7.0
    • pcre: version 8.45
    • pcre2: version 10.39
    • php: version 7.4.29 (CVE-2021-21708)
    • pixman: version 0.40.0
    • pkgtools: version 15.0
    • procps-ng: version 3.3.17
    • pv: version 1.6.6
    • qemu: version 6.2.0
    • qrencode: version 4.1.1
    • reiserfsprogs: version 3.6.27
    • rpcbind: version 1.2.5
    • rsync: version 3.2.3
    • rsyslog: version 8.2102.0
    • samba: version 4.15.7 (CVE-2021-44141 CVE-2021-44142 CVE-2022-0336 CVE-2021-44141 CVE-2021-441412 CVE-2022-0336)
    • sdparm: version 1.12
    • sed: version 4.8
    • sg3_utils: version 1.47
    • shadow: version 4.8.1
    • smartmontools: version 7.3
    • spice: version 0.15.0
    • sqlite: version 3.37.2
    • ssmtp: version 2.64
    • sudo: version 1.9.9
    • swtpm: version 0.7.3 (CVE-2022-23645)
    • sysfsutils: version 2.1.0
    • sysvinit: version 2.99
    • sysvinit-scripts: version 15.0
    • talloc: version 2.3.2
    • tar: version 1.34
    • tcp_wrappers: version 7.6
    • tdb: version 1.4.6
    • telnet: version 0.17
    • tevent: version 0.11.0
    • traceroute: version 2.1.0
    • tree: version 1.8.0
    • ttyd: version 20211023
    • usbredir: version 0.8.0
    • usbutils: version 014
    • utempter: version 1.2.0
    • util-linux: version 2.37.4
    • vbetool: version 1.2.2
    • vsftpd: version 3.0.5
    • wayland: version 1.20.0
    • wget: version 1.21.2
    • which: version 2.21
    • wireguard-tools: version 1.0.20210914
    • wsdd2: version 20111022
    • xfsprogs: version 5.13.0
    • xxHash: version 0.8.1
    • xz: version 5.2.5 (CVE-2022-1271)
    • yajl: version 2.1.0
    • zlib: version 1.2.12
    • zstd: version 1.5.2

    Included with GUI-mode:

    • adwaita-icon-theme: version 40.1.1
    • at-spi2-atk: version 2.38.0
    • at-spi2-core: version 2.42.0
    • atk: version 2.36.0
    • cairo: version 1.16.0
    • dbus-glib: version 0.112
    • freetype: version 2.11.1
    • fribidi: version 1.0.11
    • gd: version 2.3.3
    • gdk-pixbuf2: version 2.42.6
    • graphite2: version 1.3.14
    • gtk+3: version 3.24.31
    • harfbuzz: version 3.2.0
    • hicolor-icon-theme: version 0.17
    • libtiff: version 4.3.0
    • libxkbcommon: version 1.3.1
    • pango: version 1.48.11
    • shared-mime-info: version 2.1
    • startup-notification: version 0.12
    • appres: version 1.0.5
    • dejavu-fonts-ttf: version 2.37
    • editres: version 1.0.7
    • encodings: version 1.0.5
    • fontconfig: version 2.13.92
    • freeglut: version 3.2.1
    • glew: version 2.2.0
    • glu: version 9.0.2
    • libICE: version 1.0.10
    • libSM: version 1.2.3
    • libX11: version
    • libXau: version 1.0.9
    • libXaw: version 1.0.14
    • libXcomposite: version 0.4.5
    • libXcursor: version 1.2.0
    • libXdamage: version 1.1.5
    • libXdmcp: version 1.1.3
    • libXevie: version 1.0.3
    • libXext: version 1.3.4
    • libXfixes: version 6.0.0
    • libXfont: version 1.5.2
    • libXfont2: version 2.0.5
    • libXfontcache: version 1.0.5
    • libXft: version 2.3.4
    • libXi: version 1.8
    • libXinerama: version 1.1.4
    • libXmu: version 1.1.3
    • libXpm: version 3.5.13
    • libXrandr: version 1.5.2
    • libXrender: version 0.9.10
    • libXres: version 1.2.1
    • libXt: version 1.2.1
    • libXtst: version 1.2.3
    • libXxf86dga: version 1.1.5
    • libXxf86misc: version 1.0.4
    • libXxf86vm: version 1.1.4
    • libdmx: version 1.1.4
    • libevdev: version 1.12.0
    • libfontenc: version 1.1.4
    • libglvnd: version 1.3.3
    • libpthread-stubs: version 0.4
    • libxcb: version 1.14
    • libxkbfile: version 1.1.0
    • libxshmfence: version 1.3
    • listres: version 1.0.4
    • mkfontscale: version 1.2.1
    • mtdev: version 1.1.6
    • sessreg: version 1.1.2
    • setxkbmap: version 1.3.2
    • transset: version 1.0.2
    • xauth: version 1.1.1
    • xcb-util: version 0.4.0
    • xdpyinfo: version 1.3.2
    • xdriinfo: version 1.0.6
    • xev: version 1.2.4
    • xf86-input-evdev: version 2.10.6
    • xf86-input-keyboard: version 1.9.0
    • xf86-input-mouse: version 1.9.3
    • xf86-input-synaptics: version 1.9.1
    • xf86-video-ast: version 1.1.5
    • xf86-video-mga: version 2.0.0
    • xf86-video-vesa: version 2.5.0
    • xhost: version 1.0.8
    • xinit: version 1.4.1
    • xkbcomp: version 1.4.5
    • xkbevd: version 1.1.4
    • xkbutils: version 1.0.4
    • xkeyboard-config: version 2.34
    • xkill: version 1.0.5
    • xload: version 1.1.3
    • xlsatoms: version 1.1.3
    • xlsclients: version 1.1.4
    • xmessage: version 1.0.5
    • xmodmap: version 1.0.10
    • xorg-server: version 1.20.14
    • xprop: version 1.2.5
    • xrandr: version 1.5.1
    • xrdb: version 1.2.1
    • xrefresh: version 1.0.6
    • xset: version 1.2.4
    • xsetroot: version 1.1.2
    • xsm: version 1.0.4
    • xtrans: version 1.4.0
    • xwd: version 1.0.8
    • xwininfo: version 1.1.5
    • xwud: version 1.0.5
    • imlib2: version 1.7.1
    • fluxbox: version 1.3.7
    • slim: version 1.3.6
    • vte3: version 0.50.2
    • sakura: version 3.5.0
    • xclock: version 1.0.9
    • xterm: version 370
    • hwloc: version 2.2.0

    Linux kernel:
    LInux 5.15.40-Unraid (CVE-2021-33909 CVE-2021-33910 CVE-2022-0847)

    • patch: "drm/i915/gen11: Moving WAs to icl_gt_workarounds_init()"
    • patch: "add-relaxable-rmrr-5_8_and_up.patch" modified for this kernel
    • added features:

      • several ACPI-related CONFIG settings
      • CONFIG_TCG_TPM and associated TPM chip drivers
      • CONFIG_NFS_V4: NFS client support for NFS version 4
      • CONFIG_NFSD_V4: NFS server support for NFS version 4
      • CONFIG_USB_RTL8152: Realtek RTL8152/RTL8153 Based USB Ethernet Adapters
      • CONFIG_USB_NET_AQC111: Aquantia AQtion USB to 5/2.5GbE Controllers support
      • CONFIG_USB4: Unified support for USB4 and Thunderbolt
      • CONFIG_USB4_NET: Networking over USB4 and Thunderbolt cables
      • CONFIG_DRM_I915_GVT: Enable Intel GVT-g graphics virtualization host support
      • CONFIG_DRM_I915_GVT_KVMGT: Enable KVM/VFIO support for Intel GVT-g
      • CONFIG_VFIO_MDEV: Mediated device driver framework
      • CONFIG_VFIO_MDEV_DEVICE: VFIO driver for Mediated devices
      • CONFIG_FTRACE: Tracers
      • CONFIG_FUNCTION_TRACER: Kernel Function Tracer
      • CONFIG_KPROBES: Kprobes
      • CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL: Kernel [definition=12,2]debugging[/definition]
      • CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL: Include all symbols in kallsyms
      • CONFIG_ISCSI_TCP: iSCSI Initiator over TCP/IP (per Community Member @ich777)
      • CONFIG_GIGABYTE_WMI: Gigabyte WMI temperature driver
    • BPF kernel options (user request):

      • CONFIG_BPF_SYSCALL: Enable bpf() system call
      • CONFIG_BPF_JIT: Enable BPF Just In Time compiler
      • CONFIG_BPF_JIT_ALWAYS_ON: Permanently enable BPF JIT and remove BPF interpreter
      • CONFIG_NET_CLS_BPF: BPF-based classifier
      • CONFIG_NET_CLS_ACT: Actions
      • CONFIG_NET_ACT_BPF: BPF based action
      • CONFIG_IKHEADERS: Enable kernel headers through /sys/kernel/kheaders.tar.xz
      • CONFIG_NET_SCH_SFQ: Stochastic Fairness Queueing (SFQ)
      • CONFIG_NET_ACT_POLICE: Traffic Policing
      • CONFIG_NET_ACT_GACT: Generic actions
      • CONFIG_GACT_PROB: Probability support
      • CONFIG_NET_SCH_INGRESS: Ingress/classifier-action Qdisc
      • CONFIG_CGROUP_BPF: Support for eBPF programs attached to cgroups
    • md/unriad: version 2.9.22

      • fix: md_sync_limit was being ignored


    • better IPv6 suport
    • diagnostics: add bz*.sha256 values
    • diagnostics: Improved anonymization
    • diagnostics: Anonymize mover
    • diagnostics: better package listings in folders.txt
    • diagnostics: do not anonymize 169.254.x.x addresses
    • emhttp new defaults:

      • root password required
      • newly created shares not exported by default
      • predefined 'flash' share not exported by default
      • ssh, telnet: disabled by default
      • NetBIOS disabled by default
      • WSD enabled by default (and using newer 'wsdd2' package)
      • Enhanced macOS interoperability enabled by default
      • for 'domains' and 'system' shares, change 'Enable Copy-on-write' default setting from 'No' to 'Auto'
      • change poll_attributes tunable default value from 30 min to 30 sec.
    • emhttpd: add 'rootshare' reserved name
    • emhttpd: fix regression: user shares should be enabled by default
    • emhttpd: minimize information transmitted by UpdateDNS function
    • emhttpd: use shfs ioctl to invalidate shfs cached share info when share cfg changes
    • emhttpd: fix incorrect handling of unassigned device read/write counters
    • emhttpd: fix sometimes wrong device name assigned to hotplugged unassigned devices
    • emhttpd: fix btrfs-replace case
    • emhttpd: fix btrfs pool device replace still showing 'missing'
    • emhttpd: delete all PHP sessions when root password is changed (logs everyone out)
    • emhttpd: correct device status handling for single-slot pools
    • emhttpd: collapse multiple underscores within nvme /dev/disk/by-id symlinks to single underscore
    • firefox: version 91.0.r20210823123856 (AppImage)
    • mover: fix bug not moving shares with embedded spaces
    • mover: append '.partial' suffix to filename when move in-progess
    • rc.docker: fix startup network race condition
    • rc.libvirt: Prevent Unraid from hanging when the array is stopped, while VMs are in paused or suspended state
    • rc.libvirt: test the existence of a VM before adding it to the NAMES list
    • rc.mcelog: mcelog added to base distro
    • rc.nginx: change fastcgi_read_timeout from 120s to 640s
    • rc.nginx: remove ttyd side-loading
    • rc.nginx: support Lets Encrypt wildcard certs
    • rc.nginx: support custom wildcard self-signed certs
    • rc.nginx: self-signed cert subject OU change from "unRAID" to "Unraid"
    • rc.nginx: ignore case in processing Subject field for custom certificates
    • rc.nginx: remove default server block returning 404 for https if USE_SSL==no and no CA-signed cert
    • rc.samba: disable SMB Multi Channel by default; add control to Settings/SMB Settings page
    • rc.S: check bz file sha256 during initial boot
    • shfs: fix bug where permissions being ingored ('default_permissions' was missing in mount command)
    • sysctl: handle net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_count max exceeded (increase setting to 131072)
    • ttyd: fix garbled text in local FireFox Termainl windows
    • upgradepkg: do not upgrade if existing package is newer
    • wsdd2: listen only on active interface by default (br0, bond0, or eth0)
    • webgui: Integrate header UPC
    • webgui: Add Apps link to install CA
    • webgui: Add internal container reference
    • webgui: Add new setting "Terminal font size"
    • webgui: Add notification agent for Pushplus
    • webgui: Add notification agent for ServerChan
    • webgui: Add 'root' folder protection to filetree
    • webgui: Add tracking after system shutdown
    • webgui: Add vmxnet3 and e1000 into available NICs for VMs
    • webgui: Added "User 'root'" reference on Management Access page
    • webgui: Added notify when plugin fails to install
    • webgui: Added: Cumulative parity check. This allows a parity check to be divided over multiple time windows.
    • webgui: Adjusted row highlighting on main and shares page to better suit people with color impairment
    • webgui: Allow CA to get all docker info without having to download icons if not present
    • webgui: Allow all notification agents to send links
    • webgui: Allow ruleset for local rules in rsyslog.conf
    • webgui: Allow simultaneous [definition='1','0']log[/definition] and console windows for containers
    • webgui: Always show "WebUI" for user specified URLs
    • webgui: BTRFS balance and scrub scheduler
    • webgui: BTRFS balance: fix recommendation message when volume is empty
    • webgui: Better array sync when multiple sessions are opened
    • webgui: Better translation of docker container variables
    • webgui: CSS minor corrections
    • webgui: Change Dashboard Parity status to be invalid and not emulated.
    • webgui: Change page switching to better suit Safari on mobile devices
    • webgui: Change parity sync notification from error to notice level
    • webgui: Changed header selection for better support of Android
    • webgui: Check for flash offline / quick check on if it is corrupted
    • webgui: Cleanup styles folder
    • webgui: Compress too long share names in dropdown menus
    • webgui: ContextMenu: added option "button": defaults to "left" (current behavior), other options are "right" and "both"
    • webgui: Convert notify polling to Nchan
    • webgui: Create favicon.ico
    • webgui: Create syslog entry when user logs out
    • webgui: Dashboard: add CPU and NETWORK chart
    • webgui: Dashboard: fix bar color when disk thresholds are disabled
    • webgui: Dashboard: separate cpu details and graph view
    • webgui: Delete DockerRepositories.page
    • webgui: Device_list replace .png icon with font icon
    • webgui: Diagnostics fix plugin deprecated max version error
    • webgui: Diagnostics: Add share summary
    • webgui: Diagnostics: Add share summary
    • webgui: Diagnostics: Include current plugin versions
    • webgui: Diagnostics: Remove lines from go containing passwords etc
    • webgui: Diagnostics: Revamp anonymization
    • webgui: Diagnostics: add DHCP [definition='1','0']log[/definition]
    • webgui: Diagnostics: add check for DNS Rebinding Protection
    • webgui: Diagnostics: add url details
    • webgui: Diagnostics: privatize routable IPs
    • webgui: DisplaySettings: add "showBannerGradient"
    • webgui: Do not highlight false positive ERST error
    • webgui: Docker page loading improvements
    • webgui: Docker settings: suppress browser presets
    • webgui: Docker utilization warning only when image file
    • webgui: Docker: Add Network / Privacy Category
    • webgui: Docker: Add crypto as a category
    • webgui: Docker: Do not update installed user templates
    • webgui: Docker: Fix incorrect caching when deleting / recreating image
    • webgui: Docker: Handle edge case involving browser back button when within CA in certain unlikely circumstances
    • webgui: Docker: Ignore icon references to default question mark
    • webgui: Docker: Only save templates as v2
    • webgui: Docker: Silence PHP errors when editing a template if corruption exists
    • webgui: Docker: Support CA tag
    • webgui: Docker: Support ReadMe in context menus
    • webgui: Docker: add description to all custom networks
    • webgui: Docker: add route for remote WireGuard access
    • webgui: Docker: add route for remote WireGuard access:
    • webgui: Docker: add route for remote WireGuard access:

      • "Host access to custom networks" must be enabled to allow access
      • Containers with network 'br0' can be remotely accessed by WireGuard without the need to configure static routes on the home router (gateway)
    • webgui: Docker: add time unit in settings
    • webgui: Docker: add wireguard description in network selection
    • webgui: Docker: compress too long author names
    • webgui: Docker: fix GUI may hang when multiple screens are opened
    • webgui: Docker: fix overlapping container ID display
    • webgui: Docker: fix spinner will not disappear after attempting to uninstall a non-existent container
    • webgui: Docker: fixed filetree sometimes not visible
    • webgui: Docker: fixed header display causes gap
    • webgui: Docker: fixed list display in fixed view mode
    • webgui: Docker: fixed template removal when no containers exist
    • webgui: Docker: make popup window fit in browser window
    • webgui: Docker: optimized contextmenu
    • webgui: Docker: process bash ANSI colors in web [definition='1','0']log[/definition] display
    • webgui: Docker: remove close button in popup windiow
    • webgui: Docker: translation optimization
    • webgui: Docker: update window uses color of selected theme
    • webgui: Edit/Add Container: Fix browser console error
    • webgui: Enable/Disable SMART extended test depending on spin down delay setting
    • webgui: Error checking etc on ports for syslog server
    • webgui: Escape double quotes in text input submit
    • webgui: Expand file type icon selection
    • webgui: Expand ipaddr() with protocol: protocol defaults to ipv4 in case of ipv4 + ipv6
    • webgui: Fix CPU model sometimes not present
    • webgui: Fix PHP error when calculating balance level
    • webgui: Fix corruption check after a New Config is issued
    • webgui: Fix missing csrf-token in Notify
    • webgui: Fix monitor false positives
    • webgui: Fix network bonding display
    • webgui: Fix pools display on Main page when empty pool exists
    • webgui: Fix regression error for themes auzre & gray
    • webgui: Fix side bar of themes azure/gray in firefox
    • webgui: Fix: Improved DNS Rebinding checks
    • webgui: Fixed PHP errors for share and disk calculations
    • webgui: Fixed balance/scrub schedule not saved when device name has "-" in it
    • webgui: Fixed comments field only for selected disks
    • webgui: Fixed parity duration + speed when paused/resumed
    • webgui: Fixed smart temperature settings sometimes not possible
    • webgui: Fixed: VM 9p add share issue
    • webgui: Fixed: buttons not working in device info when no device is present
    • webgui: Fixed: missing samesite attribute in cookies
    • webgui: Fixed: parity history sometimes wrongly processed
    • webgui: Fixed: race condition when array is stopped and device assignments are changed
    • webgui: Fixed: specific disk settings for pool devices only
    • webgui: Fixed: speed calculation of parity check
    • webgui: Fixed: spinner stays visible after docker command
    • webgui: Fixes and enhancements in Browse function
    • webgui: Font files update:
    • Adjust css settings

      • Cleanup font files, use only woff format
      • Restore clear-sans font
    • Update bitstream font

      • bitstream --> source code pro
      • clear-sans --> source sans pro
    • webgui: Force creation of root password
    • webgui: Highlight selected row when hovering over array or shares
    • webgui: Improved background process detection and handling
    • webgui: Improved format of stale and error plugin pages
    • webgui: Include links in email and Discord agent notifications
    • webgui: Let setting "showBannerGradient" default to "yes"
    • webgui: Limit popup window width on ultrawide monitors
    • webgui: Log docker icon download failures
    • webgui: Lower update frequency of monitor function to better suit mobile devices
    • webgui: Main page - lower table update frequency for better responsiveness of links
    • webgui: Make WireGuard trademark visible on "full" page
    • webgui: Make links in help text standout (red)
    • webgui: Management: fix ports in use check
    • webgui: Miscellaneous updates and fixes
    • webgui: Move Start button below encryption field
    • webgui: NFS: fix copying of hostList after READ operation
    • webgui: Nchan: Use multiplexed channels and add error reporting
    • webgui: Only allow png files to be uploaded as user image
    • webgui: Open terminal window with dynamic size
    • webgui: Parity check: allow spinup/spindown when operation is paused
    • webgui: Parity check: re-introduce Done button when finished
    • webgui: Parity operation enhancements:

      • Add disk clear action
      • Add parity operation action to history view
      • Added "size" column to parity history
      • CSS adjustment in SMART attributes
      • Correct calculations for data-rebuild smaller than parity
      • Separate Parity-Sync and Data-Rebuild as individual actions
      • Show additional buttons in Array Stopped state
      • Textual enhancements
      • Use Nchan updates for copying/clearing progress
    • webgui: Parity: shown duration time excluding idle time
    • webgui: Plugin manager: fix branch select gets unnecessary disabled
    • webgui: Plugins page loading improvements
    • webgui: Proactive script security hardening
    • webgui: Relax SMART detection logic
    • webgui: Relax update frequency a bit
    • webgui: Remove Nchan error detection (Rely on the automatic reconnect of Nchan to re-establish connections when communication is slow)
    • webgui: Remove deprecated font extensions: eot, svg, ttf
    • webgui: Replace polling scripts with event driven Nchan interface
    • webgui: Revert back to default capitalization of device names
    • webgui: Revised filedrop.js
    • webgui: Right-clicking or long-clicking a menu item should open the selected menu
    • webgui: SSH authorized keys UI
    • webgui: Set Main page update frequency to 1s for better support of mobile devices
    • webgui: Shares: fix wrong size computation
    • webgui: Show IP on VM Manager VM Page
    • webgui: Show management access and shares access groups for users
    • webgui: Show warning when javascript is disabled
    • webgui: Sign-in required to provision/renew Unraid LE SSL certificate
    • webgui: Silence PHP error on syslinux page if flash drive is missing
    • webgui: Support future T2FA
    • webgui: Support multi-language in filetree display
    • webgui: Suppress IPv6 anycast addresses in routing table
    • webgui: Suppress non-relevant IPv6 routes in routing table
    • webgui: System devices additions
    • webgui: System info: fix translation
    • webgui: Translation support (Unraid.net)
    • webgui: Translations: fix creation of empty sessions
    • webgui: Update Credits.page
    • webgui: Update DashStats.page
    • webgui: Update FileTree.php
    • webgui: Update GUI with latest helptext
    • webgui: Update Outlook/Hotmail smtp settings
    • webgui: Update alert text
    • webgui: Update css files to use woff and woff2 formats only
    • webgui: UpdateDNS to prefer IPv4 first and then IPv6
    • webgui: Updated bitstream font to support more languages
    • webgui: Updated help text for Display settings and Docker
    • webgui: Use background checking for flash corruption
    • webgui: Use https for internet connectivity check
    • webgui: Use tabbed view for device information page
    • webgui: Use ttyd for [definition=12,9]logging[/definition] windows
    • webgui: VM Manager: add virtio-win-0.1.208.iso download link
    • webgui: VM Manager: added Windows 11 template and OVMF TPM
    • webgui: VM editor style update
    • webgui: VM: fix missing path selection (for GPU firmware file)
    • webgui: VMs: automatically update virtio-win iso list
    • webgui: VMs: optimized contextmenu
    • webgui: Validate WebGUI ports before applying
    • webgui: Validate destination of VirtIO ISO downloads
    • webgui: When viewing source, identify which .page file is responsible
    • webgui: WireGuard integrated
    • webgui: WireGuard updates:
    • webgui: WireGuard updates:

      • Add tunnel routing for docker containers
      • Automatically make the WG tunnel available to containers (custom network)
      • Make import config file of VPN providers more robust.
      • VPN tunneled access for docker
      • VPN tunneled access for system
    • webgui: WireGuard: Add warning when tunnel deletion fails
    • webgui: WireGuard: Introduce new network modes:
    • webgui: WireGuard: add logic to recreate networks after reboot
    • webgui: WireGuard: fixed proper handling of ipv4 + ipv6 tunnels
    • webgui: WireGuard: preset peer DNS server with "Remote tunneled access"
    • webgui: WireGuard: use kill switch when tunnel inactive
    • webgui: WireGuard: user nginx settings and unraid.net api
    • webgui: WireGuard: warn when directly connected with public IP
    • webgui: Wireguard: fix import function to accept all keys
    • webgui: Wireguard: make management interface seletable:
    • webgui: Wireguard: make management interface seletable:

      • Defaults to eth0 - future expansion
    • webgui: Wireguard: strip ListenPort from file input:

      • ListenPort must be unique, let WG generate a random local port instead
    • webgui: css scrollbar enhancements
    • webgui: diagnostics: fix: anonymize myunraid.net urls
    • webgui: dockerMan Security: Remove HTML tags from Config elements
    • webgui: dockerMan: remove HTML from descriptions
    • webgui: fix: password lockouts not being cleared properly
    • webgui: fix: remove reauthentication msg from email notifications
    • webgui: improve: Highlight selected row when hovering over array or shares
    • webgui: jQuery: version 3.6.0
    • webgui: present CA-signed certificate subject as a link
    • webgui: privatize host in diagnostics
    • webgui: refactor UpdateDNS.php: anonymize verbose output by default, other improvements
    • webgui: remove 'My Servers' skeleton page
    • webgui: require sign in to provision cert
    • webgui: support simultanious LAN SSL with self-signed cert and DNS-based SSL with Lets Encrypt cert
    • webgui: various Multi-language corrections
  • Gibt ein Update auf 6.10.1

    Display Spoiler

    Client: Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro Kodi 20.1, AVR Sony STR-DN 1080, Nubert NuBox Series 5.1, LG TV 55SM8600 Nanocell
    Musik über Pi4 mit Picore 8 und LMS am AVR.
    Gästezimmer:Shield TV 2017 Kodi 20.1
    Server: unRaid; Fractal Des. Define 7;Asrock B365M PROF-4, Intel i3-8100, 16GB RAM und 20TB Platten,
    Arbeitstier: DeepSilence 4, AX370M, AMD Ryzen 5 2600X; 8GB RAM, Samsung M2 970EVO 500GB, RX560 Grafik

  • Wieder ein Update auf 6.10.2

    Display Spoiler

    Client: Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro Kodi 20.1, AVR Sony STR-DN 1080, Nubert NuBox Series 5.1, LG TV 55SM8600 Nanocell
    Musik über Pi4 mit Picore 8 und LMS am AVR.
    Gästezimmer:Shield TV 2017 Kodi 20.1
    Server: unRaid; Fractal Des. Define 7;Asrock B365M PROF-4, Intel i3-8100, 16GB RAM und 20TB Platten,
    Arbeitstier: DeepSilence 4, AX370M, AMD Ryzen 5 2600X; 8GB RAM, Samsung M2 970EVO 500GB, RX560 Grafik

    Edited once, last by Boogie2005 (May 28, 2022 at 5:51 AM).

  • Version 6.10.3 2022-06-14


    Fixed data corruption issue which could occur on some platforms, notably HP Microserver Gen8/9, when Intel VT-d was enabled.This was fixed by changing the Linux kernel default IOMMU operation mode from "DMA Translation" to "Pass-through".

    • Also removed 'tg3' blacklisting when Intel VT-d was enabled. This was added in abundance of caution because all earlyreports of data corruption involved platforms which also (coincidentally) used 'tg3' network driver. If you created ablank 'config/modprobe.d/tg3.conf' file you may remove it.

    Plugin authors: A plugin file may include an tag which displays a markdown formatted message when a new version is available.Use this to give instructions or warnings to users before the upgrade is done.
    Brought back color-coding in [definition=12,9]logging[/definition] windows.

    Bug fixes

    Fix issue detecting Mellanox NIC.
    Misc. webGUI bug fixes

    Change Log vs. Unraid OS 6.10.2

    Base distro:

    • no changes

    Linux kernel:

    • version 5.15.46-Unraid


    • startup: improve network device detection
    • webgui: Added color coding in [definition='1','0']log[/definition] files
    • webgui: In case of flash corruption try the test again
    • webgui: Improved syslog reading
    • webgui: Added [definition='1','0']log[/definition] size setting when viewing syslog
    • webgui: Plugin manager: add ALERT message function
    • webgui: Add INFO icon to banner
    • webgui: Added translations to PageMap page
    • webgui: Fix: non-correcting parity check actually correcting if non-English language pack installed
    • webgui: Updated azure/gray themes

      • Better support for Firefox
      • Move utilization and notification indicators to the right

    Guides nicht mehr verfügbar wegen Youtube unvermögen guten von schlechten Kodi Videos zu unterscheiden.

  • Version 6.11.0 2022-09-23

    Display Spoiler


    • With this release there have been many base package updates including several CVE mitigations.
    • The Linux kernel update includes mitigation for Processor MMIO stale-data vulnerabilities.
    • The plugin system has been refactored so that 'plugin install' can proceed in the background. This alleviatesissue where a user may think installation has crashed and closes the window, when actually it has not crashed.
    • Many other webGUI improvements.
    • Added support for specifying custom VNC ports in VM manager form editor. Custom port number specifiedusing XML editor will be preserved when switching to forms-based editor.
    • Spin down for non-rotational devices now places those devices in standby mode if supported by the device. Similarly,spin up, or any I/O to the device will restore normal operation.
    • Display NVMe device capabilities obtained from SMART info.
    • Added necessary kernel CONFIG options to support Sr-iov with mellanox connectx4+ cards
    • Merged Dynamix SSD Trim plugin into Unraid OS webGUI.
    • Preliminary support for cgroup2. Pass 'unraidcgroup2' on syslinux append line to activate.
    • Included perl in base distro.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed issue in VM manager where VM [definition='1','0']log[/definition] can not open when VM name has an embedded '#' character.
    • Fixed issue where Parity check pause/resume on schedule was broken.
    • Fixed issue installing registration keys.
    • Updated 'samba' to address security mitigations. Also should get rid of kernel messagecomplaining about "Attempt to set a LOCK_MAND lock via flock(2)."
    • Fixed issue switching from 'test' branch to 'next'.
    • Quit trying to spin down devices which do not support standby mode.
    • Fixed AD join issued caused by outdated cyras-sasl library
    • Do not start mcelog daemon if CPU is unsupported (most AMD processors).
    • Fix nginx not recognizing SSL certificate renewal.
    • wireguard: check the reachability of the gateway (next-hop) before starting the WG tunnel.
    • Ignore "ERROR:" strings mixed in "btrfs filesystem show" command output.This solves problem where libblkid could tag a parity disk as having btrfs file systembecause the place it looks for the "magic number" happens to matches btrfs. Subsequent"btrfs fi" commands will attempt to read btrfs metadata from this device which failsbecause there really is not a btrfs filesystem there.
    • Fixed bug in mover that prevented files from being moved from unRAID array to a cache pool (mode Prefer)if the share name contains a space.

    Change Log vs. Unraid OS 6.10.3

    • Add sha256 checks of un-zipped files in unRAIDServer.plg.
    • bash: in /etc/profile omit "." (current directory) from PATH
    • docker: do not call 'docker stop' if there are no running containers
    • emhttpd: improve standby (spinning) support
    • mover: fixed issue preventing moving filed from array to cache if share name contains a space
    • rc.nginx: enable OCSP stapling on certs which include an OCSP responder URL
    • rc.nginx: compress 'woff' font files and instruct browser to cache
    • rc.wireguard: add better troubleshooting for WireGuard autostart
    • rc.S: support early load of plugin driver modules
    • SMB: fixed 'fruit' settings for the USB Flash boot device
    • SMB: remove NTLMv1 support since removed from Linux kernel
    • SMB: (temporarily) move vfs_fruit settings into separate /etc/samba/smb-fruit.conf file
    • SMB: (temporarily) get rid of Samba 'idmap_hash is deprecated' nag lines
    • startup: Prevent installing downgraded versions of packages which might exist in /boot/extra
    • upc: version v1.3.0
    • webgui: Plugin system update

      • Detach frontend and backend operation
      • Use nchan as communication channel
      • Allow window to be closed while backend continues
      • Use SWAL as window manager
      • Added multi remove ability on Plugins page
      • Added update all plugins with details
    • webgui: docker: use docker label as primary source for WebUI

      • This makes the 'net.unraid.docker.webui' docker label the primary source when parsing the web UI address. If the docker label is missing, the template value will be used instead.
    • webgui: Update Credits.page
    • webgui: VM manager: Fix VM [definition='1','0']log[/definition] can not open when VM name has an embedded '#'
    • webgui: Management Access page: add details for self-signed certs
    • webgui: Parity check: fix regression error
    • webgui: Remove session creation in scripts
    • webgui: Update ssh key regex

      • Add support for ed25519/sk-ed25519
      • Remove support for ecdsa (insecure)
      • Use proper regex to check for valid key types
    • webgui: misc. style updates
    • webgui: Management access: HTTP port setting should always be enabled
    • webgui: Fix: preserve vnc port settings
    • webgui: Fix regression error in plugin system
    • webgui: Fix issue installing registration keys
    • webgui: Highlight case selection when custom image is selected
    • webgui: fix(upc): v1.4.2 apiVersion check regression
    • webgui: Update Disk Capabilities pages for NVME drives
    • webgui: chore(upc): v1.6.0
    • webgui: Plugin system and docker update
    • webgui: System info - style update
    • webgui: Plugins: keep header buttons in same position
    • webgui: Prevent overflow in container size for low resolutions
    • webgui: VM Manager: Add boot order to GUI and CD hot plug function
    • webgui: Docker Manager: add ability to specify shell with container label.
    • webgui: fix: Discord notification agent url
    • webgui: Suppress info icon in banner message when no info is available
    • webgui: Add Spindown message and use -n for identity if scsi drive.
    • webgui: Fix SAS Selftest
    • webgui: Fix plugin multi updates
    • webgui: UPS display enhancements:

      • Add icon for each category
      • Add translation in UPS section on dashboard
      • Add Output voltage / frequency value
      • Add coloring depending on settings
      • Normalize units
      • Make updates near real-time
      • Added UPS model field
    • webgui: JQuery: version 3.6.1
    • webgui: JQueryUI: version 1.13.2
    • webgui: improved 'cache busting' on font file urls
    • webgui: Fixed: text color in docker popup window sometimes wrong
    • webgui: Fixed: show read errors during Read Check
    • webgui: VM Manager: Add USB Startup policy; add Missing USB support
    • webgui: Docker: fixed javascript error when no containers exist
    • webgui: added 3rd party system diagnostics

      • added diagnostics for third party plugin packages
      • added diagnostics for /dev/dri devices
      • added diagnostics for /dev/dvb devices
      • added diagnostics for nvidia devices

    Linux kernel:

    • version 5.19.9 (CVE-2022-21123 (CVE-2022-21123 CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21166)
    • md/unraid: version 2.9.24
    • CONFIG_VIRTIO_IOMMU: Virtio IOMMU driver
    • CONFIG_X86_AMD_PSTATE: AMD Processor P-State driver
    • CONFIG_FIREWIRE: FireWire driver stack
    • CONFIG_FIREWIRE_OHCI: OHCI-1394 controllers
    • CONFIG_FIREWIRE_SBP2: Storage devices (SBP-2 protocol)
    • CONFIG_FIREWIRE_NET: IP networking over 1394
    • CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT: User level driver support
    • CONFIG_INPUT_JOYDEV: Joystick interface
    • CONFIG_INPUT_JOYSTICK: Joysticks/Gamepads
    • CONFIG_JOYSTICK_XPAD: X-Box gamepad support
    • CONFIG_JOYSTICK_XPAD_FF: X-Box gamepad rumble support
    • CONFIG_JOYSTICK_XPAD_LEDS: LED Support for Xbox360 controller 'BigX' LED
    • CONFIG_MLX5_TLS: Mellanox Technologies TLS Connect-X support
    • CONFIG_MLX5_ESWITCH: Mellanox Technologies MLX5 SRIOV E-Switch suppor
    • CONFIG_MLX5_CLS_ACT: MLX5 TC classifier action support
    • CONFIG_MLX5_TC_SAMPLE: MLX5 TC sample offload support
    • CONFIG_MLXSW_SPECTRUM: Mellanox Technologies Spectrum family support
    • CONFIG_NET_SWITCHDEV: Switch (and switch-ish) device support
    • CONFIG_TLS: Transport Layer Security support
    • CONFIG_TLS_DEVICE: Transport Layer Security HW offload
    • CONFIG_TLS_TOE: Transport Layer Security TCP stack bypass
    • CONFIG_VMD: Intel Volume Management Device Driver
    • added additional sensor drivers:

      • CONFIG_AMD_SFH_HID: AMD Sensor Fusion Hub
      • CONFIG_SENSORS_AQUACOMPUTER_D5NEXT: Aquacomputer D5 Next watercooling pump
      • CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX6620: Maxim MAX6620 fan controller
      • CONFIG_SENSORS_NZXT_SMART2: NZXT RGB & Fan Controller/Smart Device v2
      • CONFIG_SENSORS_SBRMI: Emulated SB-RMI sensor
      • CONFIG_SENSORS_SHT4x: Sensiron humidity and temperature sensors. SHT4x and compat.
      • CONFIG_SENSORS_SY7636A: Silergy SY7636A
      • CONFIG_SENSORS_INA238: Texas Instruments INA238
      • CONFIG_SENSORS_TMP464: Texas Instruments TMP464 and compatible
    • patch: add reference to missing firmware in drivers/bluetooth/btrtl.c

      • rtl8723d_fw.bin
      • rtl8761b_fw.bin
      • rtl8761bu_fw.bin
      • rtl8821c_fw.bin
      • rtl8822cs_fw.bin
      • rtl8822cu_fw.bin
    • CONFIG_BPF_UNPRIV_DEFAULT_OFF: Disable unprivileged BPF by default
    • patch: quirk for Team Group MP33 M.2 2280 1TB NVMe (globally duplicate IDs for nsid)
    • turn on all IPv6 kernel options:

      • CONFIG_INET6_*
      • CONFIG_IPV6_*
    • CONFIG_RC_CORE: Remote Controller support
    • CONFIG_SFC_SIENA: Solarflare SFC9000 support
    • CONFIG_SFC_SIENA_MCDI_LOGGING: Solarflare SFC9000-family MCDI [definition=12,9]logging[/definition] support
    • CONFIG_SFC_SIENA_MCDI_MON: Solarflare SFC9000-family hwmon support
    • CONFIG_SFC_SIENA_SRIOV: Solarflare SFC9000-family SR-IOV support
    • CONFIG_ZRAM: Compressed RAM block device support
    • CONFIG_ZRAM_DEF_COMP_LZ4: Default ram compressor (lz4)
    • turn on all EDAC kernel options

      • CONFIG_EDAC: EDAC (Error Detection And Correction) reporting
      • CONFIG_EDAC_*

    Base distro:

    • aaa_base: version 15.1
    • aaa_glibc-solibs: version 2.36
    • aaa_libraries: version 15.1
    • at: version 3.2.3
    • bind: version 9.18.6
    • btrfs-progs: version 5.19.1
    • ca-certificates: version 20220622
    • cifs-utils: version 7.0
    • coreutils: version 9.1
    • cracklib: version 2.9.8
    • cryptsetup: version 2.5.0
    • curl: version 7.85.0
    • cyrus-sasl: version 2.1.28
    • dbus: version 1.14.0
    • dhcpcd: version 9.4.1
    • dmidecode: version 3.4
    • docker: version 20.10.17 (CVE-2022-29526 CVE-2022-30634 CVE-2022-30629 CVE-2022-30580 CVE-2022-29804 CVE-2022-29162 CVE-2022-31030)
    • etc: version 15.1
    • ethtool: version 5.19
    • eudev: version 3.2.11
    • file: version 5.43
    • findutils: version 4.9.0
    • firefox: version 105.0.r20220922151854-x86_64 (AppImage)
    • fuse3: version 3.12.0
    • gawk: version 5.2.0
    • gdbm: version 1.23
    • git: version 2.37.3
    • glib2: version 2.72.3
    • glibc: version 2.36
    • glibc-zoneinfo: version 2022c
    • gnutls: version 3.7.7
    • gptfdisk: version 1.0.9
    • grep: version 3.8
    • gzip: version 1.12
    • hdparm: version 9.65
    • htop: version 3.2.1
    • icu4c: version 71.1
    • inotify-tools: version
    • iperf3: version 3.11
    • iproute2: version 5.19.0
    • iptables: version 1.8.8
    • jemalloc: version 5.3.0
    • json-c: version 0.16_20220414
    • json-glib: version 1.6.6
    • kmod: version 30
    • krb5: version 1.20
    • libaio: version 0.3.113
    • libarchive: version 3.6.1
    • libcap-ng: version 0.8.3
    • libcgroup: version 3.0.0
    • libdrm: version 2.4.113
    • libepoxy: version 1.5.10
    • libffi: version 3.4.2
    • libgcrypt: version 1.10.1
    • libgpg-error: version 1.45
    • libidn: version 1.41
    • libjpeg-turbo: version 2.1.4
    • libmnl: version 1.0.5
    • libnetfilter_conntrack: version 1.0.9
    • libnfnetlink: version 1.0.2
    • libnftnl: version 1.2.3
    • libnl3: version 3.7.0
    • libpng: version 1.6.38
    • libssh: version 0.10.4
    • libtasn1: version 4.19.0
    • libtirpc: version 1.3.3
    • liburcu: version 0.13.1
    • libusb: version 1.0.26
    • libwebp: version 1.2.4
    • libxml2: version 2.9.14
    • libxslt: version 1.1.36
    • libzip: version 1.9.2
    • logrotate: version 3.20.1
    • lsof: version 4.95.0
    • lzip: version 1.23
    • mc: version 4.8.28
    • mcelog: version 189
    • nano: version 6.4
    • nfs-utils: version 2.6.2
    • nghttp2: version 1.49.0
    • nginx: version 1.22.0
    • ntfs-3g: version 2022.5.17
    • ntp: version 4.2.8p15
    • oniguruma: version 6.9.8
    • openssh: version 9.0p1
    • openssl: version 1.1.1q (CVE-2022-1292 CVE-2022-2097 CVE-2022-2274)
    • openssl-solibs: version 1.1.1q (CVE-2022-1292)
    • p11-kit: version 0.24.1
    • pciutils: version 3.8.0
    • pcre2: version 10.40
    • perl: version 5.36.0
    • php: version 7.4.30 (CVE-2022-31625 CVE-2022-31626)
    • pkgtools: version 15.1
    • rpcbind: version 1.2.6
    • rsync: version 3.2.6
    • samba: version 4.17.0 (CVE-2022-2031 CVE-2022-32744 CVE-2022-32745 CVE-2022-32746 CVE-2022-32742)
    • sqlite: version 3.39.3
    • sudo: version 1.9.11p3
    • sysfsutils: version 2.1.1
    • sysstat: version 12.6.0
    • sysvinit-scripts: version 15.1
    • talloc: version 2.3.4
    • tar: version 1.34
    • tevent: version 0.13.0
    • tree: version 2.0.2
    • util-linux: version 2.38.1
    • wayland: version 1.21.0
    • wget: version 1.21.3
    • xfsprogs: version 5.18.0
    • xz: version 5.2.6
    • zlib: version 1.2.12

    DeepL Übersetzung:

    Display Spoiler


    Mit dieser Version wurden viele Basispakete aktualisiert, einschließlich mehrerer CVE-Abschwächungen.
    Das Linux-Kernel-Update enthält eine Entschärfung für Prozessor-MMIO-Schwachstellen (stale-data).
    Das Plugin-System wurde überarbeitet, so dass die "Plugin-Installation" im Hintergrund ablaufen kann. Dadurch werden Probleme vermieden, bei denen ein Benutzer denkt, dass die Installation abgestürzt ist und das Fenster schließt, obwohl sie in Wirklichkeit nicht abgestürzt ist.
    Viele weitere Verbesserungen der webGUI.
    Unterstützung für die Angabe von benutzerdefinierten VNC-Ports im VM-Manager-Formular-Editor wurde hinzugefügt. Die benutzerdefinierte Portnummer, die im XML-Editor angegeben wurde, wird beim Wechsel zum formularbasierten Editor beibehalten.
    Das Herunterfahren von nicht rotierenden Geräten versetzt diese nun in den Standby-Modus, sofern dies vom Gerät unterstützt wird. Ähnlich wird der normale Betrieb wiederhergestellt, wenn das Gerät hochgefahren oder eine E/A durchgeführt wird.
    Anzeige von NVMe-Gerätefähigkeiten, die von SMART info erhalten wurden.
    Hinzufügen der notwendigen Kernel CONFIG Optionen zur Unterstützung von Sr-iov mit mellanox connectx4+ Karten
    Dynamix SSD Trim Plugin in die Unraid OS webGUI integriert.
    Vorläufige Unterstützung für cgroup2. Übergabe von 'unraidcgroup2' in der syslinux append Zeile zur Aktivierung.
    Perl in die Basis-Distribution aufgenommen.


    Problem im VM-Manager behoben, bei dem das VM-Protokoll nicht geöffnet werden kann, wenn der VM-Name ein eingebettetes '#'-Zeichen enthält.
    Es wurde ein Problem behoben, bei dem das Anhalten/Fortsetzen der Paritätsprüfung nach Zeitplan nicht funktionierte.
    Problem bei der Installation von Registrierungsschlüsseln behoben.
    Samba' wurde aktualisiert, um Sicherheitsprobleme zu beheben. Sollte auch die Kernel-Meldung "Attempt to set a LOCK_MAND lock via flock(2)" loswerden.
    Problem beim Wechsel vom 'test'-Zweig zum 'next'-Zweig behoben.
    Beendet den Versuch, Geräte herunterzufahren, die den Standby-Modus nicht unterstützen.
    AD-Join behoben, der durch eine veraltete cyras-sasl-Bibliothek verursacht wurde
    Starten Sie den mcelog-Daemon nicht, wenn die CPU nicht unterstützt wird (die meisten AMD-Prozessoren).
    Fix nginx erkennt die Erneuerung von SSL-Zertifikaten nicht.
    wireguard: Überprüfung der Erreichbarkeit des Gateways (next-hop) vor dem Start des WG-Tunnels.
    Ignoriere "ERROR:"-Strings in der Ausgabe des "btrfs filesystem show"-Befehls. libblkid konnte eine Paritätsplatte als btrfs-Dateisystem kennzeichnen, weil die Stelle, an der es nach der "magischen Zahl" sucht, zufällig mit btrfs übereinstimmt. Nachfolgende "btrfs fi"-Befehle werden versuchen, btrfs-Metadaten von diesem Gerät zu lesen, was fehlschlägt, weil es dort tatsächlich kein btrfs-Dateisystem gibt.
    Fehler im Mover behoben, der verhinderte, dass Dateien von einem unRAID-Array in einen Cache-Pool (Modus Prefer) verschoben werden konnten, wenn der Freigabename ein Leerzeichen enthält.

    Übersetzt mit http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (kostenlose Version)

    Guides nicht mehr verfügbar wegen Youtube unvermögen guten von schlechten Kodi Videos zu unterscheiden.

  • Heute neu.

    Display Spoiler

    Client: Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro Kodi 20.1, AVR Sony STR-DN 1080, Nubert NuBox Series 5.1, LG TV 55SM8600 Nanocell
    Musik über Pi4 mit Picore 8 und LMS am AVR.
    Gästezimmer:Shield TV 2017 Kodi 20.1
    Server: unRaid; Fractal Des. Define 7;Asrock B365M PROF-4, Intel i3-8100, 16GB RAM und 20TB Platten,
    Arbeitstier: DeepSilence 4, AX370M, AMD Ryzen 5 2600X; 8GB RAM, Samsung M2 970EVO 500GB, RX560 Grafik

  • Aktuell ist aber wohl schon 6.11.3:


    Display Spoiler

    Version 6.11.3 2022-11-08

    This release is focused on bug fixes and minor improvements. In particular, we need to revert a base library due to a bug which prevents formatting devices >2TB in size.

    Reverted 'libpopt.so.0.0.1' to workaround 'sgdisk' bug used to format devices larger than 2TB.
    Fixed issue where description setting for 'root' user was not preserved across reboots.
    Fix issue that sometimes information window opens empty.

    VM Manager

    Set correct values when edit for USB Boot and correct Share Selection.
    Add Nic boot order.

    Base Distro

    gptfdisk: version 1.0.8 (revert from version 1.0.9)
    libXext: version 1.3.5
    libXinerama: version 1.1.5
    libdrm: version 2.4.114
    libedit: version 20221030_3.1
    mcelog: version 190
    ntfs-3g: version 2022.10.3
    openssl: version 1.1.1s
    openssl-solibs: version 1.1.1s
    pixman: version 0.42.2
    sessreg: version 1.1.3
    sudo: version 1.9.12p1
    xsetroot: version 1.1.3

  • Version 6.11.4 2022-11-18
    Diese Version konzentriert sich auf Fehlerbehebungen und kleinere Verbesserungen.

    • Beheben Sie die Freigabeinformationen in der Diagnose.


    • Docker: Version 20.10.21 (CVE-2022-39253 CVE-2022-2879 CVE-2022-2880 CVE-2022-41715)
    • Behoben: „Bitte warten“-Meldung nach dem Entfernen des verwaisten Bildes.
    • Stellen Sie IPVLAN als Standard für neue Installationen ein.


    • Samba: Version 4.17.3 (CVE-2022-42898)
    • Setzen Sie die Standardeinstellung „max. offene Dateien“ auf den Wert von „ulimit -n“, der derzeit auf 40960 eingestellt ist.


    • Boot-Reihenfolge für Netzwerk-PCI-Geräte zulassen.
    • Änderung zur Verwendung von libvirt_domain_interface_addresses, die seit langem verfügbar ist Zeit, wurde aber nicht im API-Handbuch dokumentiert. Die Verwendung dieser Funktion stoppt fehlerhafte Warnungen in das Protokoll geschrieben wird, z. B.: "Domänen-ID = 4 ist verdorben: benutzerdefinierter GA-Befehl".
    • Fix für VM-Umbenennung.


    • Problem behoben, das den Autostart des Arrays mit einem Testschlüssel verhinderte.
    • Codierungsproblem behoben, wenn Passwörter Multibyte-UTF-8-Zeichen enthalten.
    • Paritätsverlauf: Wochentag zum Datum hinzufügen.
    • Freigaben: Fix: Erstellen von versteckten Freigabenamen nicht zulassen.
    • Hauptseite: Initialisieren Sie die Festplattenübertragungsstatistiken beim Öffnen einer neuen Browsersitzung neu.
    • Seite Verwaltungszugriff: Verbessertes Messaging für SSL
    • Firefox: Version 107.0.r20221110173214 (AppImage)
    • Stoppen Sie unnötige Hintergrundprozesse, wenn alle Browsersitzungen geschlossen werden.


    • bash: Version 5.2.009
    • btrfs-Programme: Version 6.0.1
    • gdk-pixbuf2: Version 2.42.10
    • glibc-zoneinfo: Version 2022f
    • Intel-Mikrocode: Version 20221108
    • libX11: Version 1.8.2
    • libnftnl: Version 1.2.4
    • nghttp2: Version 1.51.0
    • php: Version 7.4.33 (CVE-2022-31630 CVE-2022-37454)
    • sed: Version 4.9
    • Sysstat: Version 12.7.1
    • xkbevd: Version 1.1.5
    • xkill: Version 1.0.6
    • xlsatoms: Version 1.1.4
    • xlsclients: Version 1.1.5
    • xz: Version 5.2.8

    AVR: Denon2700H mit Polk Audio 7.1 System
    Media: 2x Shield 2019 Pro und 1x Intel® NUC-Kit NUC6CAYH sowie ein RasPi 4 und ein RasPi 3
    NAS: 1x Synology (DS418) / Eigenbau NAS (unRAID 6.11.5)
    Rechenknecht: Ryzen9 5900x, 32GB Ram, Nvidia RTX3060, Win10Pro 21H1 19043.1466

  • Version 6.11.5 2022-11-20

    This release reverts a change which modified the wrong file. This resulted in not being able to select 'macvlan' custom docker network type. New installations only will now have 'ipvlan' selected by default.


    • fix: Set IPVLAN as default only for new installations.
  • Unraid OS version 6.12.0-rc1
    Große Neuerung: ZFS support, glaube das Thema hatten wir doch erst kürzlich.



    Display Spoiler

    Version 6.12.0-rc1 2023-03-14

    If you created any zpools using 6.12.0-beta5 please Erase those pools and recreate.
    If you revert back from 6.12 to 6.11.5 or ealier, you have to force update all your Docker containers and start them manually after downgrading. This is necessary because of the underlying change to cgroup v2 in 6.12.0-rc1.

    ZFS Pools

    New in this release is the ability to create a ZFS file system in a user-defined pool. In addition you may format any data device in the unRAID array with a single-device ZFS file system.
    We are splitting full ZFS implementation across two Unraid OS releases. Initial support in this release includes:

    • Support raid0, mirror, raidz1, raidz2 and raidz3 root profiles. Up to 4 devices in a mirror vdev. Multiple vdev groups.
    • Support removing single device: if device still present in server, 'wipefs' is used to clear the partition table.
    • Support replacing single missing device with a new device of same or larger size.
    • Support pool rename.
    • Pool names must begin with a lowercase letter and only contain lowercase letters, digits, the underscore and dash. Pool names must not end with a digit.
    • Non-root vdev cannot be configured in this release, however, they can be imported.
    • Pools created on other systems may or may not import depending on how the the pool was created. A future update will permit importing pools from any system.

    A ZFS pool has three variables:

    • profile - the root data organization: raid0, mirror, raidz1, raidz2, raidz3
    • width - the number of devices per root vdev
    • groups - the number of root vdevs in the pool

    At time of ZFS pool creation, the webGUI will present all topology options based on the number of devices assigned to the pool.
    Special treatment for root single-vdev mirrors:

    • A single-device ZFS pool can be converted to multiple-device mirror by adding up to 3 additional devices in one operation.
    • A 2-device mirror can be increased to 3-device by adding a single device; similarly a 3-device mirror can be increased to 4-device mirror by adding a single device.

    To add an additional root vdev, you must assign 'width' number of new devices to the pool at the same time. The new vdev will be created with the same 'profile' as the existing vdevs. Additional flexibility in adding/expanding vdevs will be provided in a future update.
    Pools created with the 'steini84' plugin can be imported as follows: First create a new pool with the number of slots corresponding to the number of devices in the pool to be imported. Next assign all the devices to the new pool. Upon array Start the pool should be recognized, though certain zpool topologies may not be recognized (please report).
    Mixed topologies are not supported. For example, a pool with both a mirror root vdev and a raidz root vdev is not recognized.
    Autotrim can be configured as "on" or "off" (except for single-device ZFS volumes in the unRAID array).
    Compression can be configured as "on" or "off", where "on" selects "lz4". Future update will permit specifying other algorithms/levels.
    When creating a new ZFS pool you may choose "zfs - encrypted", which, like other encrypted volumes, applies device-level encryption via LUKS. ZFS native encryption is not supported at this time.
    During system boot, the file /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf is auto-generated to limit the ZFS ARC to 1/8 of installed memory. This can be overridden if necessary by creating a custom 'config/modprobe.d/zfs.conf' file. Future update will include ability to configure the ARC via webGUI, including auto-adjust according to memory pressure, e.g., VM start/stop.

    btrfs pools

    Autotrim can be configured as "on" or "off" when used in a pool.
    Compression can be configured as "on" or "off". "on" selects "zstd". Future update to permit specifying other algorithms/levels.


    Autotrim can be configured as "on" or "off" when used as a single-slot pool.


    • CreateDocker: changed label "Docker Hub URL" to "Registry URL" because of GHCR and other new container registries becoming more and more popular.
    • Honor user setting of stop time-out.
    • Accept images in OCI format.
    • Add option to disable readmore-js on container table

    VM Manager

    If you enable copy/paste for virtual consoles you need to install additional software on the client in addition to the QEMU agent if that has been installed. Here is the location for spice-vdagent for both Windows and Linux. Note copy/paste function will not work with web spice viewer you need to use virt-viewer.

    • Add Serial option to vdisk.
    • Spice Bug fix for users with non standard GUI ports defined.
    • OVMF for QEMU: version stable202302
    • Fix for bus text.
    • Enable copy paste option for virtual consoles
    • Update Memory Backup processing for Virtiofs.
    • Fix lockup when no VMs are present
    • Add support for rtl8139 network model.
    • fix translation omission
    • added lock/unlock for sortable items
    • Fix for Spice Mouse if Copy paste enabled.


    The webGUI Dashboard has been redesigned, and it is now possible to move elements (tiles) up and down and between columns. This allows the user to organize the tiles in any way they desire. There is a small "lock" icon on the menu bar which must be clicked to enable this function.
    Note: The "lock" icon also appears on the Docker and VM pages and must be clicked to rearrange the startup order.

    Linux kernel

    • version 6.1.19
    • md/unraid: version 2.9.27
    • CONFIG_FS_DAX: File system based Direct Access (DAX) support
    • CONFIG_VIRTIO_FS: Virtio Filesystem
    • CONFIG_ZONE_DEVICE: Device memory (pmem, HMM, etc...) hotplug support
    • CONFIG_USBIP_HOST: Host driver
    • CONFIG_INTEL_MEI: Intel Management Engine Interface
    • CONFIG_INTEL_MEI_ME: ME Enabled Intel Chipsets
    • CONFIG_INTEL_MEI_GSC: Intel MEI GSC embedded device
    • CONFIG_INTEL_MEI_PXP: Intel PXP services of ME Interface
    • CONFIG_INTEL_MEI_HDCP: Intel HDCP2.2 services of ME Interface
    • CONFIG_DRM_I915_PXP: Enable Intel PXP support
    • CONFIG_SCSI_FC_ATTRS: FiberChannel Transport Attributes
    • CONFIG_FUSION_SPI: Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for SPI
    • CONFIG_FUSION_FC: Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for FC
    • CONFIG_FUSION_CTL: Fusion MPT misc device (ioctl) driver
    • CONFIG_FUSION_LOGGING: Fusion MPT [definition=12,8][definition=12,9]logging[/definition][/definition] facility

    Base Distro

    • aaa_glibc-solibs: version 2.37
    • adwaita-icon-theme: version 43
    • at-spi2-core: version 2.46.0
    • bash: version 5.2.015
    • bind: version 9.18.12
    • btrfs-progs: version 6.2.1
    • ca-certificates: version 20221205
    • cryptsetup: version 2.6.1
    • curl: version 7.88.1
    • dbus: version 1.14.6
    • diffutils: version 3.9
    • dnsmasq: version 2.89
    • docker: version 20.10.23
    • e2fsprogs: version 1.47.0
    • encodings: version 1.0.7
    • file: version 5.44
    • freetype: version 2.13.0
    • fuse3: version 3.12.0
    • gawk: version 5.2.1
    • git: version 2.39.2
    • glib2: version 2.74.6
    • glibc: version 2.37
    • glibc-zoneinfo: version 2022g
    • gnutls: version 3.7.9
    • gptfdisk: version 1.0.9
    • gtk+3: version 3.24.37
    • harfbuzz: version 7.1.0
    • htop: version 3.2.2
    • iproute2: version 6.2.0
    • iptables: version 1.8.9
    • iputils: version 20221126
    • less: version 612
    • libICE: version 1.1.1
    • libSM: version 1.2.4
    • libX11: version 1.8.4
    • libXau: version 1.0.11
    • libXcomposite: version 0.4.6
    • libXdamage: version 1.1.6
    • libXdmcp: version 1.1.4
    • libXpm: version 3.5.15
    • libXrandr: version 1.5.3
    • libXres: version 1.2.2
    • libXxf86dga: version 1.1.6
    • libarchive: version 3.6.2
    • libdrm: version 2.4.115
    • libfontenc: version 1.1.7
    • libglvnd: version 1.6.0
    • libjpeg-turbo: version
    • libpcap: version 1.10.3
    • libpng: version 1.6.39
    • libpsl: version 0.21.2
    • libwebp: version 1.3.0
    • libxkbcommon: version 1.5.0
    • libxkbfile: version 1.1.2
    • libxshmfence: version 1.3.2
    • lmdb: version 0.9.30
    • logrotate: version 3.21.0
    • lsof: version 4.98.0
    • lz4: version 1.9.4
    • lzlib: version 1.13
    • mc: version 4.8.29
    • mcelog: version 191
    • mpfr: version 4.2.0
    • nano: version 7.2
    • ncurses: version 6.4
    • nginx: version 1.23.3
    • nghttp2: version 1.52.0
    • openssh: version 9.2p1
    • openssl: version 1.1.1t
    • openssl-solibs: version 1.1.1t
    • openzfs: version 2.1.9
    • pango: version 1.50.14
    • pciutils: version 3.9.0
    • pcre2: version 10.42
    • php: version 8.2.3
    • php-libvirt: version 0.5.7
    • php-markdown: version 2.0.0
    • samba: version 4.17.4
    • sqlite: version 3.41.0
    • sudo: version 1.9.13p2
    • sysstat: version 12.7.2
    • tdb: version 1.4.8
    • tevent: version 0.14.1
    • traceroute: version 2.1.2
    • transset: version 1.0.3
    • tree: version 2.1.0
    • usbutils: version 015
    • xcb-util: version 0.4.1
    • xdriinfo: version 1.0.7
    • xf86-video-vesa: version 2.6.0
    • xfsprogs: version 5.13.0
    • xhost: version 1.0.9
    • xinit: version 1.4.2
    • xkbcomp: version 1.4.6
    • xkeyboard-config: version 2.38
    • xorg-server: version 21.1.7
    • xprop: version 1.2.6
    • xrandr: version 1.5.2
    • xset: version 1.2.5
    • xterm: version 379
    • xz: version 5.4.1
    • zstd: version 1.5.4


    • cgroup2 now the default
    • do not mount loopback images using directio
    • Patch upgradepkg to prevent replacing existing package with older version.
    • NFS: enable UPD transport
    • emhttp: fix cache pool (null) syslog strings
    • emhttp: fix cache pool display wrong device size for selected replacement device
    • mover: fixed bug: improper handling of symlinks
    • shfs: igonore top-level hidden directoris (names beginning with '.')
    • wireguard: add SSL support for WG tunnel IP addresses (myunraid.net wildcard certs only)
    • webgui: support PHP8, increase PHP max memory from 128M to 256M
    • webgui: ManagementAccess: Disable Provision/Renew/Upgrade buttons when no IP on eth0
    • webgui: ManagementAccess: Support wireguard local IP addresses in combination with myservers.unraid.net SSL cert
    • webgui: Move "view" icon on Main and Shares page to the left
    • webgui: Dashboard: fix regression error in "select case"
    • webgui: Dashboard: make items moveable between columns
    • webgui: Keep dismissed banners hidden for a month
    • webgui: Dashboard: API for adding custom tiles
    • webgui: Dashboard: rearrange processor information
    • webgui: Dashboard: rearrange UPS info
    • webgui: Dashboard: rearrange memory info
    • webgui: Dashboard: VPN header rearrangement
    • webgui: Dashboard: header rearrangements
    • webgui: Add jqueryUI touch punch for mobile devices
    • webgui: Changed ID to CLASS for elements occurring more than once
    • webgui: Make header in white and black themes scrollable

      • When more items are present than screen space, the user can now scroll through them (previously these items were invisible)
    • webgui: Dashboard and Docker: introduce lock button for sortable items

      • By default sortable items are locked, which allows mobile devices to scroll the page. Upon request items can be made sortable
    • webgui: Users: add icon to title bar
    • webgui: Tools: new function -> PHP Settings

      • View PHP info
      • Configure error reporting
      • Open LOG to see errors in real-time
    • webgui: System info: fix reading inactive ports
    • webgui: Plugin: Include the actual command, being executed
    • webgui: System info: cache enhancement
    • webgui: System info: memory enhancement
    • webgui: DeviceInfo: disable buttons when erase operation is running
    • webgui: Docker: filetree corrections
    • webgui: Fixed: Dashboard: show heat alarm per pool
    • webgui: Notifications: revised operation

      • Autoclose new notifications after 3 seconds
      • Fix notifications reappearing after closure
    • webgui: DeviceList: add FS type in offline state
    • webgui: Add notification agent for Bark
    • webgui: Main: hide browse icon when disk is not mounted
    • webgui: Diagnostics: add additional btrfs and zfs info
    • webgui: Dashboard: add ZFS memory usage
    • webgui: Revised New Permissions

      • Select either disks or shares (not both)
    • webgui: Add testparm to diagnostics
    • webgui: Support new UD reserved mount point of /mnt/addons
  • Und weiter gehts:

    6.12.0-rc6 2023-05-17
    Display Spoiler

    Guides nicht mehr verfügbar wegen Youtube unvermögen guten von schlechten Kodi Videos zu unterscheiden.

  • Version 6.12.0 ist nun raus, und läuft schon bei mir.

    Display Spoiler

    Client: Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro Kodi 20.1, AVR Sony STR-DN 1080, Nubert NuBox Series 5.1, LG TV 55SM8600 Nanocell
    Musik über Pi4 mit Picore 8 und LMS am AVR.
    Gästezimmer:Shield TV 2017 Kodi 20.1
    Server: unRaid; Fractal Des. Define 7;Asrock B365M PROF-4, Intel i3-8100, 16GB RAM und 20TB Platten,
    Arbeitstier: DeepSilence 4, AX370M, AMD Ryzen 5 2600X; 8GB RAM, Samsung M2 970EVO 500GB, RX560 Grafik

  • Version 6.12.1 20.06.2023

    Änderungen gegenüber 6.12.0


    • emhttpd: „unraid“ aus der Liste der reservierten Namen entfernen
    • emhttpd: Behandelt „ERROR“-Zeichenfolgen in der Befehlsausgabe von „btrfs filesystem show“ ordnungsgemäß
    • emhttpd: cmdStart verhindern, wenn bereits gestartet
    • Netzwerk: Überarbeitete Funktion zum erneuten Laden von Diensten: Stellt sicher, dass die Dienste nur einmal neu geladen werden
    • Netzwerk: rc.library: IP-Adressen direkt von Schnittstellen statt aus Dateien lesen
    • Netzwerk: NTP: Abhörschnittstellen reparieren
    • Netzwerk: NTP: WG-Tunnel und benutzerdefinierte Schnittstellen ausschließen
    • Netzwerk: NTP: Schnittstellennamen in der Konfiguration hinzufügen
    • Netzwerk: SSH: Schnittstellennamen in der Konfiguration hinzufügen
    • webgui: PHP8-Warnung auf der Seite „USV-Einstellungen“ behoben
    • webgui: Dashboard: ZFS-Prozentsatz basierend auf dem c_max-Wert anzeigen
    • webgui: Dashboard: Einfärbung der ZFS-Nutzungsleiste unterdrücken
    • webgui: Dashboard: andere verschiedene Korrekturen

    Linux- Kernel

    • Version 6.1.34


    • ttyd: Version 1.7.3 (behebt das Problem unsichtbarer Unterstrichzeichen bei bestimmten Firefox-Versionen)


    • CA-Zertifikate: Version 20230506
    • Curl: Version 8.1.2 (CVE-2023-28322 CVE-2023-28321 CVE-2023-28320 CVE-2023-28319)
    • Git: Version 2.35.8 (CVE-2023-25652 CVE-2023-25815 CVE-2023-29007)
    • ntp: Version 4.2.8p17 (CVE-2023-26551 CVE-2023-26552 CVE-2023-26553 CVE-2023-26554 CVE-2023-26555)
    • openSL: Version 1.1.1u (CVE-2023-2650)
    • openssh: Version 9.3p1
    • PHP: Version 8.2.7
    • libX11: Version 1.8.6 (CVE-2023-3138)
    • libssh: Version 0.10.5 (CVE-2023-1667 CVE-2023-2283)
    • zstd: Version 1.5.5

    AVR: Denon2700H mit Polk Audio 7.1 System
    Media: 2x Shield 2019 Pro und 1x Intel® NUC-Kit NUC6CAYH sowie ein RasPi 4 und ein RasPi 3
    NAS: 1x Synology (DS418) / Eigenbau NAS (unRAID 6.11.5)
    Rechenknecht: Ryzen9 5900x, 32GB Ram, Nvidia RTX3060, Win10Pro 21H1 19043.1466

  • Version 6.12.3 2023-07-14

    Änderungen gegenüber 6.12.2


    Diese Version enthält Korrekturen für das Netzwerk, insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit IPv6. Ein Nebeneffekt besteht darin, dass dadurch ein Problem behoben werden sollte, bei dem die WebGUI in bestimmten Fällen nicht geladen wird.

    Hinweis: Wenn Ihr „go“-Skript Code zum Deaktivieren von IPv6 enthält, entfernen Sie diesen und deaktivieren Sie ihn stattdessen über die Seite „Einstellungen/Netzwerkeinstellungen“.

    Das manuelle Deaktivieren von IPv6 führt zu Konflikten.


    Diese Version behebt ein Problem, bei dem Docker nicht ordnungsgemäß stoppt, wenn das Array stoppt, was zu einem unsauberen Herunterfahren führen kann.

    Wenn Docker-Container nach einer Weile Probleme beim Starten haben und Sie Plex ausführen:

    • Gehen Sie zu den Einstellungen Ihres Plex Docker-Containers, wechseln Sie zur erweiterten Ansicht und fügen Sie dies zu den Extra Params hinzu: --no-healthcheck

    Fehlerbehebungen und Verbesserungen

    • rc.docker:
      • überarbeitete Docker-Daemon-Ausführungsprüfung
      • rc.docker: Ändern Sie die Routenmetrik der Hauptschnittstelle nach Bedarf, um Konflikte zwischen der Shim-Schnittstelle und der Shim-Schnittstelle zu vermeiden
    • rc.library:
      • Codeoptimierung für IPv6 max/min
      • Unterstützt IPv4-zugeordnete Adressen
    • rc.nginx: explizite IPv4/IPv6-Auswahl auf der lo-Schnittstelle
    • shfs: Korrekte Berechnung der Freigabegröße, wenn ZFS eines der Volumes ist
    • Webgui:
      • VM-Einstellungsseite: Tippfehler behoben
      • Seite „Teilen bearbeiten“: Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Einstellungen für den minimalen freien Speicherplatz immer verfügbar sind
      • Wireguard: Tippfehler in der IPv6-Maske beheben
      • Routing-Tabelle: Anzeige des metrischen Werts bei Null korrigiert

    Linux- Kernel

    • Version 6.1.38
    • Unterstützung für die Überwachung und Begrenzung der Leistung bei Intel Core-CPU-Modellen (2. Generation+) hinzugefügt:
      • CONFIG_POWERCAP: Allgemeiner Powercap-Sysfs-Treiber
      • CONFIG_INTEL_RAPL: Intel RAPL-Unterstützung über MSR-Schnittstelle
      • CONFIG_IDLE_INJECT: Idle-Injection-Framework


    • Firefox: Version 115.0.r20230710165010 (AppImage)

    AVR: Denon2700H mit Polk Audio 7.1 System
    Media: 2x Shield 2019 Pro und 1x Intel® NUC-Kit NUC6CAYH sowie ein RasPi 4 und ein RasPi 3
    NAS: 1x Synology (DS418) / Eigenbau NAS (unRAID 6.11.5)
    Rechenknecht: Ryzen9 5900x, 32GB Ram, Nvidia RTX3060, Win10Pro 21H1 19043.1466

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